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Change is Hard...I can help

This  👇  ALL THIS! So many give up on their health journey because of the unrealistic expectations they had in the first place! Here’s the thing, change is a process! It takes time! A LOT of time, even years! The more you can embrace this truth, the easier it becomes! Change is a stressor and humans don’t like change! That’s why we fight so hard to stay comfortable! Start small! Lower the bar! You don’t need to take 100 steps right now! You just need to practice the one in front of you right now! Consistency always outlasts intensity!! If you want to be a swimmer, you have to practice being a swimmer! If you want to be a ballet dancer, you have to practice being a ballet! If you want to be healthier, lose weight and be more fit, you have to practice eating healthier and moving your body! Take the time to figure out your FOREVER PLAN! One year from now you won’t care if it took you 50 or 52 weeks, you’ll want it to be easier and effortless to maintain! Want help, I’m h
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Make Memories and Traditions

Finally watched Avengers End Game! Andrew and I have watched every Marvel movie together since he was 4. He went and saw End Game with friends! I told him tonight that I probably won’t ever watch it without him. So, he watched it with me tonight and carried on the tradition! I honestly would of never of watched one Marvel movie on my own if it wasn’t for him! But, tonight, after watching them all with my son, I cried over every major character that died in End Game! I know t o some it seems dumb, but when you create memories with your child, it’s sad when it comes to an end. After 10 years of watching Marvel movies with my son, you cry about the end, but you treasure the memories forever! Everyone has their own memories with their kids! Many won’t agree with watching Marvel movies! But, Andrew loved them and I loved them with him. Be in the moment and create memories whenever you can! What touched my heart the most was when they did a dedication to Stan Lee at the

Andrew and His Rare Congenital Scoliosis Update

A few weeks ago, my son, Andrew, my mom and I jumped in my car and drove 6 hours to Rochester, MN to Mayo for a second opinion on Andrew's rare form of scoliosis. We also wanted to see if he was a candidate for a relatively new surgery alternative to scoliosis called "Tethering". Andrew was not a big fan. He knew the appointment would not hurt but would take several hours of waiting and lots of x-rays and scans. We have been watching his back since he was born and he knows how long these appointments can take. However, once he discovered that the Kansas City Royals were playing the Minnesota Twins that weekend in Minneapolis, his whole demeanour changed.  So, we decided to make a weekend out of it. Andrew would endure the several hour long appointment, and we would then drive one hour to Minneapolis and attend the game. Andrew wants to visit all professional baseball fields, so he was on cloud nine.  We get to Rochester, stay the night and wake up and head to

In Loving Tribute to my MawMaw

I lived in The Valley until I was six. Not the Valley in California, The Valley in Texas as in the Rio Grande Valley. Until recently, and I’m quite embarrassed to admit this, I thought the valley girls originated in The Valley I grew up in. My aunt, who was four years older than me, used to always talk like a valley girl and talking like a valley girl was the thing to do in the early ’80s. “Gag me with a spoon,” is what my aunt would always say. Being only five and being told I lived in the Valley, I naturally assumed that this is where it started. Fast forward quite a few years, ok a lot of years, my husband informs me during a very casual conversation we were having about a show we were watching, that Valley Girls did not originate in Texas.   The look of shock on my face made him laugh. He said, “Have you honestly thought this your whole life?” To my defense, I haven’t actually even thought about valley girls since valley girls went out of style, but yes, that is exactly what I th

Workouts I Love - Beachbody on Demand

It’s not easy to find a workout program you like and will stay consistent. Some like the gym and machines, some like group fitness classes, some like running and some like working out anywhere at any time. This is why I love Beachbody on Demand. You can literally do it anywhere whenever you want. If you want to work out at 2am, no problem, just log in on your phone or computer, find the workout you want to do and hit play. You can even choose how long you want to work out. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Like to mix up your workouts? Beachbody has everything from yoga to dance to cross fit. It’s like Netflix for fitness. Travel a lot?  Beachbody travels with you.   Work out in your hotel room or on the beach. Your ambience is at your beck and call. There really is no excuse to not move your body for at least 30 minutes a day. If you work with me through my online nutrition program, I highly encourage you to move your body for at least 30 minutes a day.

Workouts I Love - Yoga - Grace Yoga Studios

I started practicing yoga years ago, off and on.   I became more dedicated to my practice within the last 5 years when I discovered how much stretching helped my lower back. I started practicing more when I realized how much breath work and calming my mind helped with my anxiety. As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been teaching Jazzercise for 20 years. Exercise is so good for you, but after a while, high intensity can start to take a toll on your body. I realized how much yoga was helping with my ability to continue teaching and teaching at my best. This was when I realized that I can bring yoga to my current students and help them continue with their love of fitness by introducing them to yoga. And this is how it started. I decided to offer some simple stretch sessions after my Jazzercise classes at a moderate rate. I kept getting more and more interest from students. I started to add a little more yoga poses to the classes, and students loved it. I decided that if I want