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Workouts I Love - First True Love - Jazzercise

If you ask me what my favorite thing to do is, I would say I love to DANCE. I dance everywhere. In my car, in my kitchen, in my bathroom and even in my shower. If the right song comes on, I just can’t help myself. I guess that’s why you can say my absolute favorite workout program is Jazzercise.
I have been dancing my whole life. I started in Jazz, Tap and Ballet when I was little. It was one class that included all three formats. You would practice some jazz squares and then you would throw on your tap shoes and practice some kickball changes and then you would throw on your ballet shoes and practice some leaps. This probably isn’t the correct order, but you get the idea.
I kept dancing all through high school. In college, I was always involved in some kind of aerobics class that included a lot of dancing. So, when I graduated from college, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. A friend of mine had mentioned that I should try Jazzercise. I had actually never heard of it even though …

Why I Became a PN Certified Nutritionist

I work in the fitness industry and want to be knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. I discovered Precision Nutrition (PN) through a friend. I did some research and decided I liked their approach to nutrition and I liked their coaching style.

I signed up for their certification program and dug in. I learned everything from the cell level to how you digest food to how to coach clients. It took me a while, but I passed all the certification tests and became certified in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

I now offer personal online one on one nutrition coaching. It is a year-long nutrition program. I am currently in the middle of the program myself.  I wanted to experience what my clients are and will be experiencing. Not only have I lost 20 pounds by following the program, which is an added perk, but I have also gained a wealth of knowledge when it comes to my body, food and my life in general. From what causes me to stress eat, why I make certain choices in my life and how to…

Spring Break 2019 - Perfectly Imperfect

We returned home from Florida last night. I always get a little depressed when we return from vacation. Especially this year knowing that this may be the last year for my daughter to make this trip with us. I laid in bed this morning, our bags are still unpacked, the toiletry bag is open, and only the items needed to get ready for bed were thrown on the counter. Thoughts of the trip ran through my head, so I decided to get up and write about it. Light music is playing on my headphones, a candle is burning, and coffee is by my side. My daughter disappeared to a friend's house as soon as we got home last night, and my husband and son are still sleeping.  I can unpack later.

We drove 15 hours yesterday with only 4 quick stops.  My family typically packs up the car on the day we leave Florida, drive about 9 hours and stay the night in Jonesboro and then we complete the 6ish hour drive in the morning. This time, we decided we would pack most the car the night before, get up at 5am, ju…

Spring Break with Friends, Family and Ex’s

We are on our way to our fourth annual spring break trip to Florida. We are sitting in traffic in Memphis as I write this. Yes, we road trip it. It’s about a 14-hour drive, but it makes for lots of family time. We might all get a little crabby at times, and my kids may bicker, but it creates memories that will last a lifetime.
We decided to do this four years ago with another family that we are close with. Our kids are friends, and they are the same age. It was a very of spur of the moment decision, but one that continues to grow.
One year we weren’t sure what to do for spring break. We had gone skiing the year before, and it was a debacle. My kids were young, and I had to carry all the skis, boots and everything else that goes along with skiing. My kids did ski school one day and my daughter, for the most part, picked up on it pretty quickly. My son, however, isn’t really the ski type. The day after the lessons he was with me. I had him between my legs as we tried to manuever down t…