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Workouts I Love - Beachbody on Demand

It’s not easy to find a workout program you like and will stay consistent. Some like the gym and machines, some like group fitness classes, some like running and some like working out anywhere at any time.

This is why I love Beachbody on Demand. You can literally do it anywhere whenever you want. If you want to work out at 2am, no problem, just log in on your phone or computer, find the workout you want to do and hit play.

You can even choose how long you want to work out. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Like to mix up your workouts? Beachbody has everything from yoga to dance to cross fit. It’s like Netflix for fitness.

Travel a lot?  Beachbody travels with you.  Work out in your hotel room or on the beach. Your ambience is at your beck and call. There really is no excuse to not move your body for at least 30 minutes a day.

If you work with me through my online nutrition program, I highly encourage you to move your body for at least 30 minutes a day. This can be mowing your yard, going on a walk or doing a quick 30 minute Beachbody program. The key to staying healthy and fit is eating well, drinking water and moving your body. It doesn’t have to be intense every day, it just has to be consistent.

Beachbody does offer other nutrition options and supplements, but you don’t have to do any of that. Some of their nutrition programs do fit in really well with my online nutrition program, like their portion control program. It’s a great way to learn about portion control and kick start weight loss.

My year-long program will do all of this too, but it moves slower and really works to create new habits and really educate you about food and your body. So, it’s not quick, but it does create lifelong habits that you will keep forever. Habits that will promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Always remember that being fit comes in all different shapes and sizes. For some people, it is medically necessary to lose weight to feel good and live a better life. But, learning about food and wanting to eat better isn’t always about weight loss. It’s about nourishing your body and feeling good. Even if your goal is weight loss remember that weight loss is never just about losing the weight. It’s about losing the HABITS that got you there in the first place and replacing them with better ones.

However, I do understand that people want to see changes quickly, so that is why I love the portion control program. You will learn some valuable information quickly that will help kickstart my program. And then you can bring this knowledge with you as you travel deeper and further in your nutrition journey through ProCoach. 

I will always encourage going slow and really learning about your body, but if you need a little extra fire to get you started, I would definitely recommend the Ultimate Portion Control program.

As a group fitness instructor, yoga instructor and nutrition educator, Beachbody is a perfect fit as another option for me and my clients to keep moving. Can’t make classes or live too far, but still want to work with me, no problem. My nutrition program is all online, you have constant interaction with me, and with Beachbody, you can still move your body and get great workouts online where ever you are located.

So, if you need some options for working out or are maybe looking to add some workouts to your current fitness program and want choices and flexibility, I would check out Beachbody on Demand. Some of my favorites are 21 Day Fix, T20, Liift4 and A Little Obsessed.

Side note, most of the Beachbody programs are set up as a challenge. Doing the programs how they are set up is the best way to get results quickly. But, remember you don't have to do this quickly. The awesome thing about this is that you can move at your own pace and your own intensity.

I have done the programs exactly how intended, but I have also mixed a matched and done ones I like just to move my body. One day I may do Dirty 30 that is part of the 21 Day Fix challenge. The next day I teach Jazzercise, and then the next day I do yoga. I may return to Beachbody a few days later because I moved my body in other ways the last couple of days. When I return I may decide I feel like working my lower body, so I can choose Lower Fix from 21 Day Fix or choose an option from LIIFT 4. So, my point is, you have options and flexibility. Just move your body every day.

If you do decide to do the program as a challenge, DON'T STOP moving your body after the challenge is over. That defeats the purpose. Start a new program on Beachbody, do the same one again or mix it up. Just keep moving and remember...

“It doesn’t have to be intense every day, it just has to be consistent.”

Hugs and Kisses,