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In Loving Tribute to my MawMaw

I lived in The Valley until I was six. Not the Valley in California, The Valley in Texas as in the Rio Grande Valley. Until recently, and I’m quite embarrassed to admit this, I thought the valley girls originated in The Valley I grew up in. My aunt, who was four years older than me, used to always talk like a valley girl and talking like a valley girl was the thing to do in the early ’80s. “Gag me with a spoon,” is what my aunt would always say. Being only five and being told I lived in the Valley, I naturally assumed that this is where it started. Fast forward quite a few years, ok a lot of years, my husband informs me during a very casual conversation we were having about a show we were watching, that Valley Girls did not originate in Texas.The look of shock on my face made him laugh. He said, “Have you honestly thought this your whole life?” To my defense, I haven’t actually even thought about valley girls since valley girls went out of style, but yes, that is exactly what I though…