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Change is Hard...I can help

This 👇 ALL THIS! So many give up on their health journey because of the unrealistic expectations they had in the first place!
Here’s the thing, change is a process! It takes time! A LOT of time, even years! The more you can embrace this truth, the easier it becomes!
Change is a stressor and humans don’t like change! That’s why we fight so hard to stay comfortable!
Start small! Lower the bar! You don’t need to take 100 steps right now! You just need to practice the one in front of you right now! Consistency always outlasts intensity!!
If you want to be a swimmer, you have to practice being a swimmer! If you want to be a ballet dancer, you have to practice being a ballet!
If you want to be healthier, lose weight and be more fit, you have to practice eating healthier and moving your body!
Take the time to figure out your FOREVER PLAN! One year from now you won’t care if it took you 50 or 52 weeks, you’ll want it to be easier and effortless to maintain!
Want help, I’m here to help! Click the link and discover the ways I’m here to help you on your health journey! 💗