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Why I love when my husband travels!!

Is it bad that I love it when my husband travels?  

Don't get me wrong, I love my husband and he does help around the house, for the most part. But when he travels, I feel like I actually get some "me" time. 

I can watch whatever I want on TV and actually watch it and not be interrupted by talking.  I can work on my computer all night. I can stare at my phone as long as I want to. I can eat whatever I want and when I clean the kitchen it stays clean. My husband is known to have a little late night snack. He thinks I don't know because I'm in bed asleep. And I probably would not know if he didn't leave evidence all over the kitchen sink that I find the next morning.

The bed isn't a complete mess when I wake up in the morning. I really don't know what he does when he sleeps? I think he has bar fights in his sleep. I'm not kidding. Sometimes he wakes up with bloody cuts. He always says it's me doing it to him during the night, he thinks this is funny. But I think he is fighting something in his dreams. Maybe he is having old farm dreams of running from the badger that chased him. You should hear him tell that story, it is hilarious.  

I don't have dirty clothes to pick up on the way to our closet that just can't seem to make it in the hamper. But, the thing I like the most is having the bathroom to myself and being able to be as loud as I want in the morning. 

This probably makes me sound like an awful wife, but I love my alone time. And, I think, in the long run, this makes me a better wife. Getting the house to myself, besides my teenage kids who spend the majority of their time in their room anyway, is like a mini getaway. 

We all need time away. Some need it more than others and I think that is ok. It makes me more appreciative of what my husband does do around the house when he is home. I actually get to miss him. 

It is ok to admit that you like your "alone time." As a couple, both should be aware of this and respect it. If you aren't honest and don't talk about things that may make you uncomfortable, how will your relationship ever survive?

I learned this the hard way in my first marriage. I don't want to make the same mistakes I made the first time. I want this marriage to work and I hope I learned from the mistakes I made. As a couple, we are continuing to learn and make mistakes, but the difference is we talk about them and we respect each other to stay mindful of each other's needs and wants! Together and alone. 

As the old saying goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder," is so true. I always appreciate when my husband returns home safe and sound and I'm a little more relaxed and renewed!!

P.S. He probably likes to be away from me some too!! :)


Bed when my husband travels.

Bed when my husband is home. What does he do in his sleep??