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Senior Night Debacle

Y’all, this was my dinner tonight...a sugar cookie and Champagne (it is Valentine's Day)!! I was in charge of my daughters' cheer squad Senior Night! Yep, I volunteered for this. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right?

Wrong!!!! I’ve been working on this since mid-December! Trying to get 11 Seniors in high school to respond to you by deadlines is a full-time job itself. I’m also a little OCD when it comes to stuff like this. I had my spreadsheet perfectly planned out! I had the exact times I would be picking up the decorative cookies and flowers I had ordered a month prior. I had sold ads for the full-color 9-page program to pay for the design and printing. I also had an exact time I would be picking these up just in time for the ceremony! I had delegated out tasks to the other awesome moms on my committee! I had crossed every “T” and dotted every “I”!!!

Then, two days before the event, the text came that the event had been moved up a whole day! And not any day, it had been moved to Valentine’s Day!!!! Damn Kansas weather!

My spreadsheet went to poop! (Not the word I really wanted to use here 🤣) Trying to get roses, 5 dozen cookies, balloons and a full-color program moved up a whole day, which is also Valentine’s Day, seemed impossible! But, thanks to my awesome tribe of moms, we pulled it off and it was a success!

So, my point is we all have bad days and sometimes we eat like crap. Like a sugar cookie and champagne for dinner! But does that mean I quit on everything I have been working on? NO!!!!! Just like this event, we hit some difficult moments, but we don’t quit. We get back up and do what we have to do! We have our accountability tribe right here just like I had my mom tribe to keep us motivated and to help pick us up when we fall!

So, tomorrow, I will get up and have my healthy shake and keep eating whole foods! One bad, ok really bad, meal isn’t going to break me! I will get back up and keep going!

Here are some pics of my awesome meal(NOT) and some pics of how the night turned out! The night, overall, was a success! ❤️❤️ As moms, we volunteer for these events because it really is about the kids and creating a special night for them. And, next year when my daughter is a senior, I can sit back and enjoy and probably cry A LOT!!